If We Ran WMATA, We’d Turn Special Announcements Into Conversation Hubs

Today, when I jumped on the metro at Judiciary Sq, I should have known something was up when the doors just remained open and we didn’t move. Finally after a few minutes we started moving and the announcement came on which informed us of the situation at Silver Spring which was causing the delays. I wish we had received more info but that was it.

I then visited WMATA’s site from my phone and got some more details:




While it was nice to finally get the reason, a fire, there were still many more unanswered questions. The first one: What kind of delays was I looking at to get there? The train was stopping for a long time at each station so it definitely didn’t seem I would get there anytime soon.

Th second question was what would happen to my bus? The z29 I normally take home to Burtonsville. That was my ultimate destination.

Rather than put the burden on Metro to answer all these questions, it would have been nice if in the actual announcement, a conversation could be had between everyone.

The best piece of advice I had heard was from someone else on the train who said they should jump on the train going the other way back to Gallery Pl/Chinatown and then take the Green Line up to Fort Totten. If I hadn’t heard that, who knows how much longer I would have stayed on the red line.

With today’s abundance of smart-phones and data plans, it would be very easy for us to start talking right away. Especially since most of us Metro-regulars would already have an all capable of this already installed and signed-into on our phones, ready to be used.

Sadly, there is no App from WMATA at all. I’m sure we will see one someday. When we do, this feature would be nice.

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