If We Ran DC, We’d Be At Least a Little More Moral in Our Citations

So before we begin, lets get one thing out of the way: I think Speed Cameras are unfair and wrong. Recent articles like this one about Baltimore’s whole error-prone system should be enough indication that as much human interpretation as possible is needed in the charging of this crime (hell, all crimes for that matter).

So with that said, let me get to my main topic of discussion. I got a red light citation in DC some months back when I didn’t actually run the light, but went too far in the crosswalk. Apparently I missed my opportunity to appeal this (I don’t know how the stupid rules work in DC, MD’s speed camera tickets have a more straight-forward process where you can have the Speed operator present).  And when I finally got through to Lucinda Babers of the DC DMV, she simply said the ruling on the field stood:


Meanwhile, fast forward to many months later in Montgomery County where I turn on a red and the red light camera flash goes off.  A quick google search helps me find the Montgomery County Police Department’s twitter address and the following occurred:


So in conclusion, Speed Cameras are wrong, but what really makes it bad is how DC uses them.  I hate this about you DC.





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