If We Ran Verizon, We’d Make Our Order Verification Message clearer

Last week I called Verizon and we worked out a package as follows:

FIOS TV Prime HD – $74.99
HBO/Showtime – $11.99 + $16.99 – both free for 3 months
HD Set-top Box – $9.99 – free for one year
DVR – $15.99 – free for 3 months

The Activation Fee ($49.99), Installation Fee ($79.99), and cost of router ($139.99) would all be waived.

Ultimately, there would be three different rounds of pricing:

The first 3 months – $74.99
Months 3 to 12 – $110.99
Months 12 onwards – $120.98

Shortly after our phone call, I received an e-mail asking me to verify my order and for the part of verifying, here is how the information was presented:

By adding one new FiOS service (TV or Internet) to complete your double play bundle, you’ll receive an additional $10 per month credit for 6 months.*

Order Summary
Master Order Number: MD00101389386
Order Date: May 12, 2011
Product: Double Flex up to 15/5 Prime HD 24M 2010
Internet Speed: FTTP_15M_5M_TRUE


First Bill Estimate:
The Normal Monthly Charge excludes credits for promotions that last 3 months or less. This customized estimate of your first bill is based on your initial order and installation date. If you made changes after your initial order, those changes are not reflected below.++

Normal Monthly Charges Change in Service and Partial Month Estimated First Bill

Double Flex up to 15/5 Prime HD 24M 2010 $84.99 $14.16 $99.15
Other Current Activity
(Voice, TV, Internet Additional)
$62.97 $271.97 $318.94
Current Activity Total $147.96 $286.13 $418.09
Specials and Promotions -$10.00 -$269.97 -$304.96
Taxes, Fees and Other Charges $16.10 $13.51

Total $154.06 $126.64


Ignoring the fact that the $10 off to make it $74.99 is temporary it seems, I found this order verification screen to be very unhelpful.  What about you? Now I have to call to figure this out.

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