If we ran Pizza Hut, we’d adapt to the 21st century better


Well it took 20 years but I finally had a bad experience with Pizza Hut. And it happened when we tried to venture out our usual method for ordering.

Usually we phone in an order but this time we used the web to take advantage of any promotions they may have on the site. The ordering process was initially easy enough. But the first problem came at checkout when I couldn’t use a credit card. I was having my cousin pick up the pizza from the Pizza Hut by his place ( in Laurel on Route 1 by Whiskey Bottom Rd – no Pizza Hut delivers in my parents’ house’s area) and I wanted to be the one who paid. But it said I couldn’t pay online at checkout.

But alright fine… I’ll get him to pay up and I’ll pay him back. Ruins some of the “It’s on me effect,” but again, alright fine. Simple problem.

And the good news is that you can create an account after you finish where you can store your credit card info. From there, going forward, you’re good to pay. Which would be the case… If I could create the account. Unfortunately my house address wasn’t checking out with their address verifier program. And this house has been around for almost 8 years.

So much for creating the account. And then the error page had no back button and the page locked up so I had to close the window. Oh well.

I called up Pizza Hut to see if I could pay for the order I placed over the phone. And I was informed they had no record of that order. So they asked me to re-place it. Annoying. But fine- I placed the order again. Oh, and I still couldn’t pay for the order over the phone.

Then 10 minutes later my cousin calls and says there are two orders under my name and he needed to know which one to pick. That was double annoying because 1) my online order did go through, making my re-placing of the order pointless, and 2) the Pizza Hut people couldn’t identify that the orders were identical. Anyways, they figured it out and that was that.

Alright, so as far as the scope of this post goes, the events I’ve described so far should adequately make the point of why Pizza Hut needs to adopt to the 21st century. So I should just end the post here.

There’s no reason to get into the other events happening that night including Pizza Hut not sending the entire orders (yeah my cousin should have checked, but still). Or that the pizza was cut after we instructed for it not to have been (religious dietary restrictions). Or the initial offer of the manager to only refund the cost of the items they forgot to give us and nothing for the runaround (luckily they ultimately refunded most of the money – which they were also luckily able to do trouble free since the order was paid for via a credit card. God forbid the order be paid for via cash).

Naa.. No need to get into all that.

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