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Medici Effect by Frans Johansson
Medici Effect by Frans Johansson
I took a Creativity in Business course in my MBA and one of our assigned books was The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson.  I had jotted down a bunch of notes as I was reading to use as reference in future course papers, etc.  I didn’t get to finish the book but will one day.  But I didn’t want all my notes to go to waste.  I know it’s a mess but perhaps you can make out some helpful nuggets of information.
  • pg. 14 – mind-reading experiment was creative because it was new and valuable, and it was innovative because the creative idea had become realized
  • If you operate wihin a field, you primarily are able to combine concepts within that particular field, generating ideas that evolve along a particular diretion – what I call directional ideas. When you step into the Intersection, you can combine concepts between mutliple fields, generating ideas that leap in new directions – what I call intersectional ideas. (pg. 16-17)j
  • Intersectional innovations do not require as much expertise as directional innovation and can therefore be executed by the people you least suspect. (pg. 19)
  • Sequoyah got his idea for creating a written language after spendin time in a culture very different from his own. (that was force 1 – the movement of people, in the rise of intersections),
  • The convergence of science is Force 2
  • Force 3 – The leap of computation (Shrek, Bug’s life) pg. 29
  • Samuelson has low associative barriers (Aquavit restaurant owner,pg. 38)
  • How to Make Barriers Fall Chapter: “Thomas Kuhn poinst out in his seminal book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions that “almost always the men who achieve.. fun-damental inventions of a new paradign have been either very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change.”
  • How to make barriers fall chapter: Da Vinci believed “in order to fully understand something one needed to view it from at least three different perspectives”
  • In the Creation of an Intersectional idea, the second lesson is that it is difficult to trace the origin of an insight.
  • Chapter six: How to find the combinations: 1) By diversifiying occupations, by interating with diverse groups of people, and 3) by going interseciton hunting.
  • People tend to stick to their own discipines and domains. They stick to their own ethnicities and cultures (pg 80, How to find the combinations)
  • Sutton also encourages firms to hire people they don’t need, at least not yet.
  • pg. 91 of Ignite an Explotion of Ideas: “The most successful innovators produce and realize an incredible number of ideas. The strongest correlation for quality of ideas is in fact quantity of ideas.”
  • pg. 97 of Ingite an exlosion of ideas chapter: Classical composers for instace produced most of their masterpeices during the same period when they produced most of their failures. … “the best way to beat the odds is to ocontiually produce idea.”
  • pg. 104, How to capture the explosion. ” Too much expertise as we have seen can fortiy the associateve barriers between fields.”… “one way to handle the need for broad yet deep knowledge is to eteam up with someone who has a different knowlege base from yours.”… “Most gained knowledge in one specific area before striking out to other fields. I am not talking about world-leading expertise here”… the person who understand many fields and isable to break down the barriers between them alll.. such a person faces one big proeblem : .. “much togher time understand hjust how to make instersectinal ideas happen/.”
  • In order to mximimize the power of the intersection, we should generate many ideas before evaluating any of them. (pg 106)
  • pg. 110 (how to caputre the explosion) – “first before the gorup meets, schedule fifteen to twenty minutes for members to brainstorm individually…. “this allso forces teh facilitator to develop a well cofumlated problem statement, which has been shown to make brainstorming more effect.ve”
  • pg. 112: How to capture the explosion, “… people are less creative under serious time pressure, but people actualy believe that they are more cretive during these times..”… (pg. 116: coming up wiht great ideas however does not guarantee n innovation, you ust make those ideas happen.).

Part III – making intersectional ideas happen

  • pg. 135 – be prepared to change your execution plans
  • pg. 149 – Why we have to break away from the networks “Value networks are essential for directional innovation, they can prevent us from successfully pursuing intersectional innovation.”
  • chap 12 – pg. 153 – How to leave the network behind: Break the chain of dependence. quit jobs, build new relationships, etc.
  • pg. 161- Take Risks and Overcome Fear, Airplanes and Serial Entrepreneurs : First Richard Branson called the reservation office for people Express, an airline that offered cheap fares between london and New York. He got a busy signal and assumed two things: they were too busy and there was room for him to enter, or they had a crappy service and something they could be outcompeted on.
  • pg. 163 – Take Risks and overcome fear: The Risk people tend to fear most is not financial loss or wasted time. Rather, it is the risk to their pride, status, and prestige to waht their peers will think of them if they fail.”
  • pg. 164 – To fail in business in Europe or Asia has more dire repurcussions than failing in the United States.
  • pg. 166 – Humans have a fundamental tendency to live their lives at a certain “acceptable” level of risk. … “drivers with ABS had the same accidente rate as those without it because mostly the drove more agressive , braked harder, accelerated faster, swerved over lanees, and took shaper corners.”/;
  • pg. 168-169: Once you have achieved a threshold leve l of resources, what Berke calls the minimum amount needed to get your idea going,” you should start exploring the Inersection. No pointin waiting. … “The intersection is a low risk proposition for breaking new ground.”

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