If we ran Maryland and Baltimore, we would penalize fairer

Sometime in 2011 I didn’t pay a speed camera violation (something else I have issues with, but let’s ignore that for now) on time. A MVA flag was put on. What ensued was a complex battle to get the flag released so that I could renew my plates.

There’s a lovely simple system in place to fine you, put on penalties, and put on flags. But when it comes to resolving things and dealing with issues, it’s not so simple.

So this is an annoying reality but nothing noteworthy enough for me to want to start a blog post.

The part that did though was what happened during the time my tags were expired. Two separate expenses occurred – speeding and a parking ticket (Yes, I know both were wrong but for now, let’s just leave them as common mistakes). The speeding ticket was issued by the State of Maryland via a State Trooper. The parking ticket was issued by the City of Baltimore via a parking ticket officer.  For both, two separate expired tags tickets were issued.

When I complained about this to the City of Baltimore, the latter issuer. They said they were a separate entity and had a right to fine. Nevermind that Baltimore is a city within Maryland.

Really, the whole thing just seems like a money grubbing opportunity (more so than the usual fining method). On a smaller scale, I’d like to see my unnecessary expired fees violation from the parking ticket removed. On a larger scale, I’d like to see a stop to being penalized through multiple parties for the same single offense.

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