If we ran GroupMe, we’d do the following

GroupMe has been my favorite and most used app since… since.. Well at least two years. I don’t know for sure but luckily one of my suggestions below would help me know this. Two days ago, GroupMe asked us in the App’s “News” section what suggestions we have. I’m glad they asked because I have quite a few:

1) Allow the deleting of posts and pictures. Really delete the pic too, don’t just kill the post with the link that points to it

2) Allow a better way to browse old posts and news announcements other than scrolling down as far as you can go. Often I liked to visit the conversations that occurred in my groups on the day my daughter was born. But every day it gets harder and harder.

It would be nice to browse through the activity that occurred on any old day. Same with news activity.

3) keep pictures private and protected. A pic should only be viewable by members of a group.

4) In my opinion, the three requests above are fairly ordinary requests. This is “my wildest dreams” one:

I run a wordpress-based website called IM Convo of the Day which I like to keep good IM Convos on. But now I mostly talk on GroupMe so whenever something funny happens, it’s a chore to copy paste and then format that convo.

Could there be a way (other than by taking screenshots) to publish a Groupme convo to a website such as my WordPress site?

Extra credit if I can make edits to the version I publish. I usually like to edit for language and readability. If necessary, I sometimes may need to change the username and profile pic.

Twitter sort of has this feature, but not with the ability to edit.

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