If We Ran GroupMe, We Would Make the Following Changes to the New Website

GroupMe updated their site today but I wasn’t really happy with it. Luckily, they were responsive on twitter. Here is the conversation that happened.

Shahryar: Trying out the new @groupme website. Please be good… please be good

GroupMe: @Shahryar let us know what you think!

Shahryar: @GroupMe I’m disappointed-1) can’t open diff groups in diff tabs like w/ old groupme? Right-click just does this: http://t.co/YryXSH3Z

GroupMe: @Shahryar You can still open them in separate tabs, just have to create tabs first… looking into fixing the rt-click behavior though. #)

GroupMe: @Shahryar also if you have one group open and receive a message in another, you’ll see an alert pop up in the window. #)

Shahryar: @GroupMe 2) I like that what I say is highlighted yellow – but no avatars anymore? Harder to see who’s talking http://t.co/X9FN21Pb

Shahryar: @GroupMe yeah, but creating the tabs first is a chore though if you have a ton of active groups

Shahryar: @GroupMe again, all my groups are really active so it’s easiest to just be able to jump around within them through multiple tabs…

Shahryar: @GroupMe your old system of the groups name getting an icon next to it and moving up on the list when a new message came was pretty solid

GroupMe: @Shahryar Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely still working on it, and you have the option to keep using the old site for now. #)

Shahryar: @GroupMe 3) I don’t like the “Auto-jump” to bottom whenever something new is posted

Shahryar: @GroupMe no problem. Thanks for listening. Your app is the most used app on my ios iphone 4s and (as a result) I use your site heavily too

GroupMe: @Shahryar Nice to hear, thanks!

Shahryar: GroupMe: @Shahryar If you’re scrolled up in the chat, it shouldn’t jump for new msgs… only when you’re already scrolled to the bottom of the chat

Shahryar: @GroupMe I’ll try again but I’m pretty sure it was jumping to the bottom even when I was scrolled up

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