If we ran Facebook Ads, we’d be clearer on our coupons

I was issued a @facebookads coupon code for $50 on 12/7 that expired on 12/22/2010.  I had tried their ads last summer so I guess that’s why they targeted me.  I emailed them that day about an issue uploading a picture and they  replied on 12/9 with the instructions.  By 12/14/2010 the ad was made (and approved) and I asked the follow up question about how to use the ad coupon – and in the message, included screenshots which showed when the ad was going to run.  Later that day, facebook ads support replied on how to use the coupon.

I set the ad to run from 12/27 (the day after Christmas) to give myself sometime to get a baseline of what kind of activity my site was getting BEFORE the ad ran.

On January 3rd I got an e-mail saying I was charged for the Facebook ad.  It was only $8.34 (the lifetime budget of my ad was $50)

I sent them a message about this and they replied the ad had to finish running by the coupon expiration date.  This is something I don’t feel is fair because it wasn’t spelled out clearly on the ad.  It should have said something  more meaningful than just “expiration date.”

We’ve been going back and forth on e-mails since then but seems they don’t feel they’re in the wrong.  I’ve stopped the campaign now and I’m not sure yet if another charge has occurred.

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