If we ran an airport (like Frankfurt’s for example), we would be more like Singapore’s Changi Airport

My vacation to Bali, Malaysia, and Singapore (from the U.S.) began on 2/24.   I went from BWI to JFK to Frankfurt Airport to Singapore’s Changi Airport and finally to whatever Airport is in Bali.  So far, of all the airports, Singapore’s Changi has been the most amazing.  The biggest thing for me were the free internet computer stations everywhere – you could login for 15 minutes at a time.  Ideally, I would have liked the ability to just wirelessly jump on for free but this wasn’t that bad an option. Plus, I think I even saw some stations where you could connect your phone via an ethernet cable (Something I had forgotten to bring with me) and jump online from there too via your device. 

There were other cool things about this airport.  There was this locker thing where you could leave your phone in to charge and take the key with you.  There were a bunch of technology showcase areas with 3D demonstrations, 3D gaming, etc.  They had these really cool looking recycling areas which stood out too.


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