If we ran Amazon, we’d make a more useful customer follow up

This morning I called Amazon to complain about my “The Avengers” Blu-ray not arriving yet. I pay extra for Amazon Prime so whenever something doesn’t arrive by the time it’s supposed to, I call and complain.

The guy I spoke with said something about delivery issues and said the would put out a replacement. He also said he would knock a few bucks off the Blu-ray.

I was satisfied with the resolution but didn’t click on Amazon’s “How did we do?” automated customer service email just yet:


… I wanted to wait to see how the resolution played out. Later in the day, when the disc still wasn’t replaced and it seemed I was going to have issues, I did click on the link in the email to let Amazon know that “No, my problem still wasn’t resolved.”

But I was annoyed to notice that clicking on the link was so useless. Look at what the web page shows:


If Amazon’s solution wasn’t helpful they need to make that follow up email more useful.

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