If we ran a vision insurance provider, we wouldn’t have this authorization nonsense

I’m not a fan of vision insurance.  My take on it always has been that you have to be pretty calculated to figure out if it’s worth it to get.  It’s one thing to have something that protects against catastrophes (home, car, health, etc), but for something like vision – where the max amount of money you’ll spend is so limited, it’s just not worth the headache.

But, I just found out my wife had signed up for it because it was a really minimum amount extra so I might as well use it.  But, unfortunately, for me (and I assume many others) it’s not that easy. 

I called UHC Vision (formerly Spectera) to find out about what I could do with the insurance only to find out I couldn’t do anything because there were two authorizations which were pulled.  The vision insurance told me that I had to call the two eye care providers I had visited last year and have them let go of the authorization.  Why the insurance company itself couldn’t do anything is beyond me.

So I called the first place and they (of course) said they couldn’t find anything open for me and told me to call the vision insurance provider back and ask if they could call to the place.  I called the second one and I’m on hold there right now.

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