If We Ran A Health/Dental Insurance Company, We’d Get Our Documentation In Order

Everytime I’m pestered (yes, pestered) by a company to go paper-less, I think to myself, is today the day I will finally start. And the answer is always no. The main reason is that until a proper “push” system is in place instead of the current “pull” (you login to our site and download the documents yourself), I’m sticking with paper.

But today I encountered the other reason not to go paper-less – just annoying website nonsense.  Between the login creation, documents not being accessible, and other issues, it’s just something that frustrates you and makes you think, “forget it, I’ll stick with paper.”

Now I’m going to have a bigger post coming soon where I get into the bigger picture of documentation all around, but for today, let’s talk just about the Health and Dental Insurance companies – specifically MetLife Federal Dental Plan and Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Federal Employee Plan.

I have an FSA who often needs to submit documentation verifying the charge (another annoyance, we’ll deal with them another day).  Often submitting the EOB or the EODB is sufficient.  Today I don’t have the papers with me to scan and send so I thought I would download the paperwork from the sites.

First I went to Metlife and was so happy that I could 1) find where I had to go easily to get my EODBs and 2) create/recover my apparently already existing account without having to know my Member ID number.

But that feeling was gone when after I got in, navigated to the EODB repository and was greeted with this:

“Your Coverage and Claims information  are currently unavailable. Please Try again later.” *sigh

No worries, the way my dental insurance works is that the claim goes to my health insurance first (A confusing process – something else worth analyzing one day) so I figured I could dig up an EOB from my Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Federal Employee Plan to shut my FSA up.

Again, I was happy that I was easily able to find the login page and make my new account (weird, I’ve been with this BlueCross Federal for so long, I really don’t have an account already made?)

Once I was in, I scrolled down to the link to go to the “download the EOB” page:

I’m thinking, “man, this is all going so great…” But, I thought too soon of course and saw this:

That I was leaving fepblue.org and going to a new site that was operated by someone else on behalf of FEP. *Sigh. Why, why can’t this information just be kept all in one place.

I was of course less than surprised when the next page that greeted me was a page in the “MyBlue Customer eService” which wanted me to change my password:

And then of course, the password I just created wasn’t the password they were looking for:

And I was done. Won’t be getting the EOBs tonight. Will have to just go and get the paperwork.  Then scan it, and go from there.. all that nonsense.


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