If We Ran a Company With Sensitive Branding We Would Learn From Tata

Tata logo from the Financial TimesBack in December, I read a great case study in the Financial Times on Tata and how the branding is used within its companies.  Some use the tata name and logo, others don’t (like Taj Hotels).  This isn’t that big a deal, according to the article, what is most important is if the values are being incorporated into all the companies.

But there is a lot to Tata’s decisions to rebrand or not when it comes to their foreign acquisitions.  Tata has to consider their Indian identity and what their fellow Indians think, and also what the foreign consumers of the company they are acquiring might think.  So there are times when rebranding is appropriate, like with Corus, and times when it is not, like with Tetley. 

Great lessons to consider for a company that has a strong identity with a group of people.


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