If we ran a business, we wouldn’t give off signs we’re in trouble

I was riding w/ my Bro-in-law Zargham today around Rolling Meadows, IL and we went inside of a gas station briefly to grab some food/snacks.  Zargham’s in the gas station business and has been very successful in it so far in the still relatively few years he’s been in there.  He pointed out to me that this gas station was still for sale but he had no interest in buying it because it wasn’t a good station and overpriced.  He said a huge factor was the property taxes – here in Rockford, he pays half of that.

After our purchases, as we were leaving, he pointed out that they were in trouble.  I asked how he knew and he said that was the owner who just rang us up (he was pretty nice to us which alone would lead me to think this.  I asked how he knew – did he know him personally? And he said he didn’t but he could tell because the back office door was open which meant he was in there doing paperwork and serving customers and if that was occurring on a Saturday, then he was cutting back on payroll.  I thought that was pretty clever and made a note in my head not to be aware of what signs I give off as trouble.

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